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Let’s Take a Coffee Break

Asli Ceren Tahan
Coffee is the second most common beverage in the world after water and the second most widely used product after oil. Some people start their day by drinking a cup while others may turn to it for a break from their daily lives or to chat with friends. It is easy to find a coffee shop...

Tea in Turkish Culture

Isa E. Hafalir
Some sources mention that Turks traded and consumed tea as early as 400 BC, but tea only became commonplace in Turkey after 1900. Turkey is currently among the world’s top five tea-growing countries, producing about 6 percent of the world’s tea. Most of this is consumed domestically. I...

Tea in Turkish Social Lif

Although tea passed through Turkey as part of the Silk Road trade in the 1500s, it did not begin to become a part of daily life until nearly four centuries later. In 1878 Mehmet Izzet, the then governor of Adana, published the Çay Risalesi (Tea Pamphlet), touting the health benefits of drinking tea....

Live the Difference of the Most Healthy and Quality Linens and Towels on the World!

A pleasant day begins with a good sleep and a nice shower. For this you need a cozy bed and a comfortable bathroom. But these are not the half of it.

The linens you use and the towels you've been dried should also meet this need. For both, health, naturalness, quality and comfort are top priorities...



Turkish Coffee Cups (“Fincan”), “Gawa” or “Mırra” are the best way and also a necessity to serve Turkish Coffee. Their feature is to enable people enjoying a strong coffee in small quantity.

The Turkish coffee serving cups must have all the properties that are needed to keep th...

Where is your kitchen not in your house but in your life?

It doesn't matter where my kitchen is in my house as much as its importance in my life thinking that nearly the half of a woman's life passes in her kitchen. I lived in 3 different rental houses and finally I have been living in my own. In all those houses, any room is required by the husband and by...

Turkish designer Faruk Malhan

Born in Izmir in 1947, Faruk Malhan completed his primary and secondary education at Izmir Ataturk Lycée and is a graduate of the Middle East Technical University School of Architecture in Ankara. He also has a graduate degree from the Department of Demography of Hacettepe University, again in Ankar...

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